Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc.

Supra Feeds Enterprises, Inc. is a 100% Filipino Corporation manufacturer of
swine and poultry feeds based in the Province of Albay, Bicol Region. It is duly
registered to the Security and Exchange Commission, ISO95- 000043, dated
May 24, 1995 and to the Board of Investments on April 22, 1997.

Supra Feeds Enterprises, Incorporated has captured 25% of the Market Share
regionwide including multinational feed manufacturers and is No. 1 among the
7 surviving local feedmillers in the Bicol Region. Its clients mostly consist of
Bicolano hog and poultry raisers. It has also a wide range of untapped
market specifically the Northern and Western Samar Area. In 2006, operation
has reached Laguna and Infanta Quezon.